Commerce Building

The 201 Commerce is a warehouse distribution center in West Valley Utah. We fabricated and delivered 159 tons of steel for the 307,000 square foot building in five months. We also erected the steel for the building.

We provided the joist and decking, miscellaneous metals, structural steel, stairs and galvanized handrails, and roof and cage ladders. This included a highway guard rail that we were not used to making. We found a material supplier and modified our process to fulfill what the designers envisioned.

“We had to erect the building while they were erecting the tilt-up panels. The building also has a protected floor, and we had to take extra caution during erection.”

Justin Noorda, Lundahl Ironworks Project Manager

There were no fabrication errors throughout this job, and the bolting up process went extremely quickly.

Myraid Office Building

We provided the steel for Myraid Genetics Building VI including an adjacent parking structure. A total of 1005 Tons was fabricated and delivered to Salt Lake City in 7 Months. We integrated joist and deck, supplied structural steel framing, and built state-of-the-art features to accommodate the eyes and workability of the building.

Wide angle drone shot of the Myraid building
Myraid Facility

“We really are blessed with a phenomenal fabrication team and production team. They work well together, they work well with us, and they bend over backward for our clients to try to make sure that we hit those schedules. We always know there’s going to be changes and adjustments, so it’s good to have that team behind us to help us hit those timelines.”

– Tyler Scott, Director of Project Management & Estimating

There were a lot of RFIs for this project. Some clarifications needed to be made that cost a bit of additional time. The design team was very flexible and kept to the schedule allowing the shop team to work their magic. The project management team did an amazing job to coordinate with the design to make sure everything went smoothly.

Path Structure at Myraid

With the new designs, we were forced to re-detail certain areas. To limit waste and save money, we both shortened and increased beam size in certain spots. We hit a snag when the galvanizing facilities in Utah were backed up six weeks and we only had two to work with. Fortunately, we were able to work together with a facility in Seattle and were able to deliver our steel to them and bring it back to the project site on schedule.

With our turn-key solutions, we are a one-stop shop for clients. We are able to do everything from the anchor bolts to the structural steel, the ornamental steel, wall features including priming and painting, non-ferrous metalwork, and more. 

Stairs at Myraid

“Myraid Genetics Building VI is now part of Myraid’s campus located at the University of Utah Research Park and will allow the company to expand and grow further. “I can see Myriad Genetics and their customers and employees benefiting from this facility for years and years to come.”

– Scott